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Nabaganga Studio


Every Frame Counts

Engage Your Audience with Customized Videos Tailored to Your Needs


What We Do

We craft videos for networks and businesses, offering end-to-end support from idea to delivery. From inception to completion, we’ve got you covered!

☛ Training Videos
☛ Animation
☛ Explanation Videos
☛ Educational Videos
☛ Marketing Content

A clapperboard and a camera


According to the requirements and guidelines of our clients, we create video and advertising scripts. We also make all the preparations required for a successful shoot.


Our efficient camera crews and the presenter team perform the whole production activities in a professional manner and in a very quick succession of time.

A room filled with computers.


In the post-production part, our efficient editors and animators work really hard to serve you the best possible content.


Experience the abilities we possess in product and documentary photography. With innovation and accuracy, we provide product details and tell fascinating tales. Allow us to breathe life into your images.

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Delighted To Work With

About Us

Nabaganga, a river in the Narail region of Bangladesh, holds a special place in our hearts and the tale of our studio’s genesis. Rafid and Nowfel, childhood friends turned co-founders of Nabaganga Studio, found inspiration in the past, where the river’s name echoed in family memories.

Rafid’s grandfather once owned a humble studio on the banks of the Nabaganga river in Bardia Bazar. It was a rustic haven where people sought passport-sized photographs and family portraits. As time flowed, the studio couldn’t keep pace with modernity, and its doors eventually closed. Little did we know, this marked the beginning of our journey with Nabaganga Studio.