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About Us

Nabaganga, a river in the Narail region of Bangladesh, holds a special place in our hearts and the tale of our studio’s genesis. Rafid and Nowfel, childhood friends turned co-founders of Nabaganga Studio, found inspiration in the past, where the river’s name echoed in family memories.

Rafid’s grandfather once owned a humble studio on the banks of the Nabaganga river in Bardia Bazar. It was a rustic haven where people sought passport-sized photographs and family portraits. As time flowed, the studio couldn’t keep pace with modernity, and its doors eventually closed. Little did we know, this marked the beginning of our journey with Nabaganga Studio. Our story began with a shared love for narratives, cultivated from a tender age. We devoured storybooks, engaged in animated discussions, and lived our teenage years immersed in storytelling. In those moments, an epiphany struck: storytelling was our passion, a talent we nurtured and excelled at. We realized that content, in its essence, was storytelling – whether it was a humorous anecdote or a complex scientific theory; it all stemmed from the art of weaving narratives.


Thus, the decision was made: we would tell stories through our passion projects. This resolution evolved into the creation of video content, and ultimately, the birth of Nabaganga Studio. We couldn’t help but draw parallels between content and rivers – both tangible entities, each with its unique journey.


As we ventured further into our narrative journey, we began to recognize that not everyone possessed the skill to craft compelling tales. And so, we embraced the role of storytellers for others.


In this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where business and technology march hand in hand, the demand for high-quality content remains constant. Whether it’s training modules, tutorials, or compelling business promotions, the world’s knowledge resides at the fingertips of mobile users. Failing to seize this opportunity means lagging behind.


Nabaganga Studio now extends its creative reach to help you tell your stories. We craft video training modules and tutorials under the expert guidance of subject matter authorities, and we breathe life into captivating promotional content. Whether you represent a budding startup, a multinational corporation, or a local or international NGO, we’re eager to be the storytellers of your journey.


From Nabaganga to Madhumati, let your story float from shore to shore.

Meet The Team

Rafid Al Zahur

Managing Partner and Producer

Nowfel Mahmud

Partner and Producer

Rusmat Safin Pracchad

Creative Director

Azmain Adil

Production Consultant

Yuji Kawaski


Daniel King