Nabaganga Studio

Nabaganga Studio


At Nabaganga Studio, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional video production services from start to finish. Our team of dedicated professionals excels in every phase of the production process, ensuring your vision is transformed into captivating content. From meticulous pre-production planning to seamless on-location production and meticulous post-production refinement, we are committed to delivering the highest quality work. We go beyond video production to offer comprehensive photography services. Whether you need creative concept development, efficient filming, or artistic editing and animation, we are here to bring your ideas to life with precision, expertise and passion.

☛ Storyboard Creation

☛ Location Scouting

☛ Casting

☛ Costume and Wardrobe Selection

☛ Props and Set Design

☛ Scheduling and Timeline Management

☛ Crew Hiring

☛ Permit and Legal Compliance

☛ Equipment Procurement

☛ Budget Management

☛ Safety and Risk Assessment

☛ Communication and Coordination

☛ Script Revisions

☛ Transportation and Logistics

☛ Catering and Craft Services

☛ Environmental Considerations

☛ Backup Plans

☛ Creative Problem-Solving

☛ Documentation and Reporting

☛ Client Approvals

☛ Directorial Expertise

☛ Smooth Coordination

☛ Lighting and Audio Excellence

☛ On-Location Expertise

☛ Storyboard Adherence

☛ Prompt Delivery

☛ Talent Coaching

☛ Creative Direction

☛ Continuous Monitoring

☛ Cost Efficiency

☛ Flexibility

☛ Safety Protocols

☛ Feedback Loop

☛ Artistic Direction

☛ Post-Production Readiness

☛ Data Management

☛ Client Updates

☛ Quality Control

☛ Creative Editing

☛ Visual Effects and Animation

☛ Color Correction and Grading

☛ Sound Design

☛ Script and Story Alignment

☛ Efficient Workflow

☛ Client Collaboration

☛ Review and Feedback Loop

☛ Transitions and Graphics

☛ Quality Assurance

☛ Multi-Format Delivery

☛ File Management

☛ Project Delivery

☛ Backup and Data Security

☛ Client Satisfaction

☛ Post-Production Efficiency

☛ Revision Rounds

☛ File Formats


Our documentary photography captures real-life stories and moments, while our product photography exemplifies tedious attention to detail.

☛ Photography Session

☛ Portrait Session

☛ Documentary Coverage Partnerships

☛ Archiving and Documentation Services

☛ Standard Product Photography

☛ Close-Up and Detail Shots

☛ Social Media Content Creation

☛ Post-Processing and Image Enhancement

☛ Archiving and Documentation Services